Color Printing...Easy and affordable!
            The free software needed for publishing in color is available for Microsoft Windows and for the Macintosh platforms. Unfortunately this software has a few limitations, keep in mind that printing in color has some inherent differences from black and white printing.

            First, the color files you will be uploading will contain much more information and will be much large files than black and white. Having a fast internet connection is absolutely essential for the successful implementations of this process.

            A broadband internet connection, such as DSL, cable or satellite is required. Also, although you will find that our process is very economical when compared with other printers, color printing is still much more expensive than black and white. All books with color photos will be printed on a higher grade white paper that also makes a difference in price but displays a high quality reproduction of the color files. (The handy pricing calculator on our site helps you estimate costs.)

            Before you submit your color manuscript to us, please double check if the color pictures in the book are 300 dpi images. This is very important for the clarity of the pictures in your book.

Finally, although it is possible to compose effective documents containing color images with a standard word processing program such as Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect, usage of a higher end layout tool such as Adobe Pagemaker or QuarkXPress will produce higher quality results.

            Our software will work with any standard or higher end tool, but we realize that many authors prefer to use standard word processing programs. For these reasons, we still offer our black and white printing services at for those cases where color is not needed or is not feasible. Feel free to install the software for both black and white and color - then making the choice is as easy as selecting the printer name when you are ready to upload your document to us!

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